9/15/2005 -

“None of us are any better than our employees. If you know how your employees feel and what they think about their jobs, you can make the right decisions to increase employee satisfaction and improve productivity” – Sandy Seay.

Seay Management Consultants, Inc., is proud to announce the launch of our new and exclusive on-line employee opinion survey. Now, employees can participate in the survey from the comfort and privacy of their own computers.

An employee opinion survey is a confidential measure of how employees feel and what they think about their jobs and their work. Through our unique on-line survey, employees can go to a designated computer at their workplace, log on to our web site (, click the On Line Employee Opinion Survey button, and complete the survey form. The survey contains 55 yes or no questions, each of which deals with a specific area of work such as co-workers, supervisors, pay, benefits, opportunity for advancement and overall satisfaction. In addition, the survey provides a special area for employees to type in specific areas of concern or interest. When finished, the employee clicks the “submit” button and the data is immediately downloaded to the Seay Management database. Our special software tabulates the results and produces a report that breaks down the data by question, by department and by twelve different “attitude categories.” Our consultants then analyze that data and provide you with a comprehensive management report, including our evaluation, observations and recommendations.

An employee opinion survey is a positive Human Resources tool that employees enjoy and that can provide management with information leading to higher morale and greater productivity. It allows management to capitalize on areas of high employee satisfaction and provides management with an early warning system for areas of dissatisfaction, in order to resolve problems before they become too large. In addition, it gives employees an opportunity to communicate with management by offering their opinions and ideas about the job. Many employers want to keep a finger on the pulse of their employees and administer an opinion survey regularly, sometimes every eighteen months to two years.

The previous method of conducting an Employee Opinion Survey was worthwhile and productive, but it required conducting lengthy employee meetings to distribute and administer the survey form. With our new and unique On Line Employee Opinion survey, we have streamlined the procedure and provided you with a way to find out how your employees feel and what they think about their jobs, with ease, comfort and efficiency.

If you would like more information on this exciting and innovative new service please contact either, or We’ll be delighted to talk with you.

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