8/9/2007 - How would your employees answer these questions . . . ?

“Considering everything, do you think this is a good place to work?” Yes  No 

“Are you paid fairly compared to other employees you work with?” Yes  No 

“If you have a complaint, will your supervisor handle it fairly?” Yes  No 

“Do you have any complaints or problems about your job that you have not discussed with your supervisor?” Yes  No 

Virtually every management expert agrees that the best and most effective tool for building employee morale, resolving employee problems and increasing productivity and employee satisfaction is an Employee Opinion Survey. An Opinion Survey gives employees the opportunity to tell you what they think and how they feel about their jobs and their work. It is a positive personnel tool that employees enjoy and it helps provide assurance and peace of mind for management. Many employers conduct an Employee Opinion Survey every 2 years, and use this time line to measure progress. Employees look forward to the survey and know that management will take their opinions seriously because they are providing you with feedback that they might not have given you otherwise. All of this points to higher employee morale, greater employee satisfaction and fewer employee problems.

In an Opinion Survey, employees complete a survey form, either on line or by hard copy, and answer “yes” or “no” to 55 questions about their supervisors, co-workers, pay, benefits, working hours and schedules and other job related areas. In addition, they complete 4 Open Questions, where they write in the answers in their own words, and one “Bottom Line” question about job satisfaction.

Seay Management gathers this information and keeps it confidential and anonymous – no employee signs his or her name and no one is identified in any way. We take the data to our office where we sort it by question, department and Attitude Category, and we type the Open Comments, just as your employees have written them. Then, we analyze all of this information and provide you with a comprehensive Management Report, including our analysis of what the survey means, what your employees are telling you, and our observations and recommendations for action, based on the survey.

Seay Management can conduct the survey either on line or by hard copy, whichever way is better for you. Contact, or and we’ll provide you with all the information you need about this critically important management service which you will greatly enjoy and highly value. There is nothing quite like an Employee Opinion Survey.

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